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A parent can’t travel alone with two babies in Renfe

Each time we travel by train (or other way of public transport), we must buy a ticket for each of the passengers, even if they occupy a seat or not and even if they pay or not (children under four travel for free but they don’t get a seat. Children from 4 to 14 pay 60% of the ticket and they do get a seat). They have to carry their own ticket, which makes sense because the company needs to keep register of everyone in case of breakdown, accident or anything that may happen

Those of you who are parents to more than one small kid will wonder how to get the second train ticket for your little ones. You’ve gone through the Renfe website a thousand times, haven’t you? You’ve phoned information, haven’t you? Exactly, you’ve just come across reality: it can’t be done.

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7 tricks while waiting with kids at the train station

On the previous post, I spoke about what you should have in mind when you are about to buy train tickets. You already have them and have arrived at the station: How will you face the wait as pleasantly as possible? Here goes some advice on the things that work for us:

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12 tricks to travel by train: What you should keep in mind at the time of buying the tickets

Traveling with children is not easy, but I’m about to share with you some advice that might prove useful for you at the time of purchasing the tickets. I’ve noticed that there are many services provided by Renfe (Spain’s national railway Company) unknown to many, even to those who travel often.

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External cephalic version

In one of the last checkups of my pregnancy the gynecologist told me that the baby was breached… the horror!! This surely meant a cesarean and even more surely with my bad luck… He told me to come back in three weeks, and that if by then the baby didn’t flip by herself they would like to try an external cephalic version. An external cephalic version is when a doctor manually turns the baby while monitoring its vitals. This medical procedure is recommended by the OMS and it’s a pity that despite its simplicity, it is not practiced everywhere.

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Saying goodbye to cosleeping: how to get them to sleep in their own bed

I have occasionally told you that we are convinced “co-sleepers”. It was amazingly practical to sleep with Eva on the same bed for many reasons: she fell asleep quicker, if she awoke she’d go back to sleep inmediately as son as she saw she wasn’t alone, it’s really convenient when we travel…

But then came Samuel’s pregnancy and along with it the urge to speed up everything. We needed Eva to leave our bed mainly because it wouldn’t fit the four of us (or at least not comfortably), not to mention that if the baby cried during the night he would wake her constantly.

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Yoyo by BabyZen

We have a new stroller and I LOVE IT!!!! I had been eyeing it since I was pregnant because it’s perfect for traveling due to its lightness and how simple it is to open and close. We have finally decided to buy it for several reasons:

  • Eva’s weight is already considerable and she moves more. Baby-carrying is really convenient for some hours but the whole day (when we are abroad for example), can be too much.
  • If we want to eat out, mainly during trips, the stroller is way more practical because she falls asleep immediately in it.
  • She’s cooler in the stroller than in the carrier, and depending on the destination of our trip we are both thankful for that!

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